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Super Elite Box Firmware Fix Details

(Instructions as of Nov. 20th/2022)


Please Follow these directions closely in order to get your SuperElite device fixed in an expedited way.

(Photos of which SuperElite is which will be shown at the bottom of this page).

*ONLY SuperElite 2, 3 and 4 will be eligible for the Firmware Fix.

Be aware that the Original Super Elite 1 WILL NOT be eligible for the Firmware Fix.

**Please look below to determine if you have a SuperElite 1 or SuperElite 2. (I posted a photo of what the SuperElite 2 Home Screen looks like.)


ALL SuperElite 4 units will HAVE TO be mailed to the address below in order to get the fix for the Firmware updated.

SuperElite 3-- To confirm that you have a unit that needs to be Firmware Updated follow these steps on your SuperElite 3 device... 

Go to Home Screen.....APPS.......Click on FOTA app....

*If it shows the Version number as --- Elite III_20211111-2007 ----> You will have to mail it in to get your Firmware updated for your SE3.

**IF you see any other version and it allows you to Download the Firmware then follow the prompts. There is no need to mail in your box!

super elite 2 launcher_edited.jpg


Once you have determined that your Super Elite needs a Firmware Update you will need to mail the BOX ONLY! (Do NOT send chargers or remotes with it and do NOT ship it with the original packaging).

Cost Breakdown per shipment

1-3 eligible units (20$)

4-6 eligible units (40$)

7-10 eligible units (50$)

***Mail the unit ONLY to the address below. Make sure you Include your Name, Return Address, Phone Number and the payment in the form of CASH ONLY.

****DO NOT send any SuperElite 1...they will not be fixed since the Firmware files are only for the SuperElite 2, 3 and 4.

Mail TO:

Firmware Fix

313 Merman RD

Kingsport, TN


**Not responsible for boxes that do not have return address and also not responsible for errors or shipment delays with the USPS.**

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