Steps to Update to Media Lab 2.0

  • Go to HOME SCREEN and Then into APPS.

  • Locate FILELINKED and open.

  • It will ask for an 8 digit code--input code 42497824.

  • It will then ask you for a PIN #--->>c0ntact me!

  • Click Continue and it will open Elite Stream Library which will have the Media Lab 2.0 application in it.

  • You will see a screen pop up when in Library DISMISS when you see that message.

  • Highlight Media Lab 2.0 field and click OK.

  • This will download application; once it's complete click it again and it will ask you to INSTALL.

  • Once Installed click OPEN__> this will start the new 2.0 Update to your Elite Stream device.

  • It will take about 7-10 minutes to FULLY install. You will see a pop up message stating that your update was successful. 

  • Close that box and go back to Home screen and click on Media Center.

  • Congratulations! now have 2.0 installed on your Elite Stream!


If you DO NOT SEE the FILELINKED App in APPS on Home Screen follow these steps--

Open Browser on Elite Stream Home Page and type in the GOOGLE Search field --->


You should see in the search results for Filelinked the website for Filelinked ( on it to go to the Filelinked Website.

On the Filelinked website you will see a box/link that says "Download Filelinked" 

That will Download Filelinked to your Elite Stream device.

You will find the Filelinked file in APPS on Home Screen and then APP INSTALLER. Click Local Drive and then you will see FILELINKED.

Click it and it will ask you to Install...once Filelinked is installed it will find it's home in APPS and then you can follow the steps posted above. ^^^^^^^^

As of April 25th/2020 UPDATER is no'll only need to go through Media Center going forward to get your auto updates....